The selective frequency of its LFU, allows us a selective treatment on adipose tissue with total control and absence of side effects

on other tissues.

Deep Slim NMF causes mechanical process generating an inertial cavitation phenomenom whose energy is absorted by the target tissue, creating a second thermical process with temperatures above 56ºC in one second.

Deep Slim NMF has shown excellent results compacting tissue, reshaping the sillhoutte and stimulating the collagen production in the hipodermis, which is the most effective in order to give more turgor, elasticity and youth, according with the last studies, in a painless way and without side effects and since the first session.

Furthermore, Deep Slim NMF, allows us to work on edematous fat in big areas, like the abdomen or the thighs and treat the soft cellulite improving the appearance of the skin.

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